Carrom Deluxe
The unique Carrom experience on your
iOS and Android device!

Carrom Deluxe is a popular game in South Asia that is similar to billiards. You can enjoy it alone or play with your friends.

Check out the realistic 3D simulation, try the intuitive touch controls and play against a challenging AI.

Carrom Deluxe is available now at Google play and the App Store.

Game Features:

  • Play against your friends on the same device: "One on One" or with up to 4 players in "Team Mode".

  • Play against the Bot in various difficulty levels. Easy, medium, hard and pro.

  • Play with an optional time limit or get target assistance.

  • Play quick games or compete in a Carrom match. A match is won by the first player with 25 points or the best of 8 boards.

  • Optimized for your device for Retina displays as well as small phones.

  • Enjoy realistic physics, first person gameplay and easy touch control.

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    Big thanks to all the Beta Tester of Carrom Deluxe!!! Special thanks to Christiane, Sabine, Timo, Anselm, Omid and Stefan
    for their time and contribution.
    Thanks to the Playmaker community especially Alex and Jean for their great support.
    To unchaz, Corsica_S, billox30 and ultradust for their nice free sounds at